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Slipry Gel


Slipry Gel

Slipry Loob


Heavy Duty Mining Switchboards


CBI type HPR & HPS Heavy Duty Switchboards & HCF, HPR & Xtreme Heavy Duty Load centres are designed to meet the needs of Australia’s harsh mining and industrial requirements.[read more].
The clean and structured appearance in combination of a robust steel cabinet construction and positive door sealing guarantees electrical equipment is fully protected from the elements. Built to last our Heavy Duty Switchboards meet ever increasing safety requirements demanded by our Mining and Industrial related customers[read less].

Heavy Duty Mining Switchboards

IP66 Load Centres


The Xtreme range of IP66 Load Centres offer a fully customisable & modular solution, giving ultimate protection for your switchgear. [read more].
The range is one of the most adaptable & cost effective weatherproof solutions for any outdoor application on the market, and is durable enough to withstand the harsh demands of the Australian Mining & Industrial environments.[read less].


Circuit Breakers - SFM Series


The SFM Range of miniature circuit breakers offer protection solutions for large scale requirements.[read more].Complete with CBI’s unique hydraulic-magnetic trip protection this range provides safe and reliable solutions for low voltage electrical protection against overload and short circuit. They deliver reliable, strong and efficient protection for commercial, industrial and mining applications.[read less].


Fiberglass Fish Rod Set


The Slegers Fibreglass Fish Rod Set is ideal for use in the running of wire in partition walls or pulling wire over long distances in a suspended ceiling. [read more].
The Slegers Fibreglass Fish Rods significantly improve the installation efficiency and productivity of any cable laying project. Slegers Fibreglass Fish Rods are more rigid than fish tapes, and are easy to use.[read less].


Switch Disconnectors


CBI-electric’s range of Switch Disconnectors provide safety for the switch independently of the upstream protective devices. [read more].
In general terms a switch disconnector is capable of making, carrying and breaking normal circuit currents, and may also be capable of carrying, for a specified time, abnormal loads such as short circuit currents. In open postion, the switch disconnector will provide isolation and it will indicate reliably the position of the contacts.[read less].


QH Range of Micro Circuit Breakers


The new QH Range of MCB’s & RCBO’s provide safe and reliable solutions for low voltage electrical[read more].
protection against overload and short circuit, delivering reliability, strength and efficient protection for commercial, industrial and mining applications.[read less].


Indoor Group Metering Panel


Introducing the Heinelec Indoor Group Metering Panel Range. Our range of Indoor Group Metering Panels provide a cost effective means of monitoring power use.[read more].
The Heinelec range of Metering Panels are prewired and pre configured making Installation fast, convenient and space saving. All Heinelec Metering Panels have been designed to meet and exceed the installaion requirements of the Electrical Contractor. They allow for a convenient and safe solution for metering in most Domestic and Commercial applications. We can also provide a full range of IP 66 Rated Outdoor versions customised to your requirements.[read less].


Cobra Snake: Fibreglass Duct Rod Accessories



Cobra Snake: Fibreglass Duct Rod


Introducing the New Slegers range of high quality, Cobra Snake Fibreglass Duct Rods. [read more].
Our rods are made from high quality fibreglass strands, coated with a tough yellow Polypropylene (PP) to give a unique combination of strength and durability, of which allows for greater wear resistance. The fibreglass core gives power & pushing stability whereas the PP coating reduces friction to a minimum. As an added feature, all diameters have a central copper trace wire, making it ideal for all locating type applications, and can also be used as part of a CCTV pipe/conduit or cleaning system.[read less].


Double Pole Module Socket Outlets


Introducing the Slegers Double Pole Module Socket Outlets, with auto switch and shutter protection. [read more].
Our range has been designed with an impressive array of packed in features with safety first and foremost in mind. A compact and modular design allows for varied applications such as temporary power, worksites, portable buildings, power outlets for switchboards & meter enclosures, and various power supply applications.[read less].


Temporary Power Site Boards


The Slegers range of Temporary Power Site Boards have been specifically designed & engineered to meet both local & Australian standards on construction & demolition sites. Our great range provides a portable temporary power solution for any short term project.
Temporary Power Site Boards

SF1EL Commercial and Industrial RCBOs


CBI’s new generation Hydraulic Magnetic RCBO Range is used in a variety of circuit protection applications, combining overload, short circuit, & residual current protection in one compact energy efficient unit.


HLR Emergency Lighting Control Unit


CBI’s Emergency Lighting Control Unit (ELCU) provides state of the art technology to deliver high performance & high reliability.


Circuit Breakers - B-Frame Series


Circuit Breakers - C-Frame Series


Circuit Breakers - D-Frame Series



Circuit Breakers - J-Series



Circuit Breakers - QF Range


Advantage Distribution Switchboard Range


The Heinelec Advantage range of distribution switchboards are designed with innovative features to suit a wide range of applications in the commercial and industrial sectors.


HPS Distribution Switchboard Range


The Heinelec Premier Range of mining duty distribution switchboards adds a new dimension of versatility and durability.[read more].
Renowned for quality, exceptional performance, reliability and ease of installation, the inherent design features offer excellent application opportunities within the mining sector. With ease of installation being an important priority, we have provided a number of design features such as IP66 degree of protection, excellent cable access due to our deep and wide design and unique rainhood options. The HPS Range has been developed to meet the needs of Australia’s harsh mining conditions and increased safety requirements demanded by our mining customers.[read less].


HPR & HPRD Distribution Switchboards Ranges


The Heinelec Premier range of distribution switchboards adds a new dimension of versatility and durability. [read more].
Renowned for quality, exceptional performance, reliability and ease of installation, the inherent design features offer excellent application opportunities within commercial, industrial and mining sectors.[read less].


Mamba Snake: Cable Pulling Grips


Cable Pulling Grips are indispensable in many different cable pulling applications and are widely used for installation and maintenance work on electrical & power cables, wire rope, wire cable, telephone & fibre optic cables. [read more].
Manufactured from Hi Tensile galvanised steel strands. Cable pulling grips are slipped over the outer sheath of a cable and when pulling tension is applied, the cable pulling grip contracts applying its gripping force to the outside of the cable. Slegers Cable pulling grips come in Single eyelet for light to medium hauling, Double eyelet for medium to heavy hauling and our range of Junior Cable pulling grips which are designed to fit onto either 3.0mm fibreglass rods or 4.0mm Nylon fish rods, for all light to medium hauling of communication & power cables.[read less].


Cobra Snake: Cable King


The Cable King is a professional solution for small to medium cable installations. [read more].
This “All In One Kit” is manufactured from 3.0mm diameter composite fibreglass, coated in a red polypropylene & cased in a high impact resistant case complete with accessories. The Cable King allows for easy handling and the benefit of fast feed out & rewind, and is used for pulling cables & wires such as Electric, Audio Visual, CATV, Telephone, Datacom in new or populated conduits.[read less].


Jetline: Pull Lines


Jetline Pull Lines are designed to attach to the back of line carriers, fish rods and fish tapes, and used to pull back a rope or cable through conduit.[read more].
Jetline is made of self lubricating Polyolefin allowing it to be easily pulled or vacuumed through conduit. The centre - pull spool dispenses line conveniently for tangle free use. Slegers Jetline Pull Lines can be used as a pull line to help facilitate most cable fishing applications.[read less].


Conduit Cleaning Brushes


Conduit Cleaning Brushes are designed for the cleaning of stubborn foreign matter such as mud, dirt, and light obstacles that partially obstruct conduits prior to the installation of cables into the conduit.[read more].
All Slegers Conduit Cleaning Brushes come with heavy duty lateral pulling eyelets with shackles attached to each end, allowing for Bi- directional use. Made to last, these Conduit Cleaning Brushes are made from a heavy duty teflon core surrounded by nylon bristles for strength and durability, and will not damage the inner walls of conduit.[read less].


Fastener Kits


The fastener kit is convenient, easy to carry & allows you to have your most commonly used fasteners on hand in one handy location.[read more].
The fastener kit is refillable and is compartmentalised to hold a great selection of over 1000 quality fasteners.[read less].


Roller Hangers


Roller hangers are designed for use with a catenary cable for supporting electric, air, hydraulic and other flexible lines and/or cables to fixed and moveable equipment.


Pull Through Springs


The Slegers range of quality Pull Through Springs are used for fishing into conduits & ducts to attach a pull line for pulling through heavier cables or direct pull through of light cables.[read more].
Made from a flexible steel cable wrapped in a 5mm diameter continuous spring section, which gives exceptional high tensile strength while retaining flexibility.[read less].