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CBI-electric: Australia have developed a range of technical news documents, each publication concentrates on a range of various and relevant topics in one clear and concise document. It is a great educational or reference tool for long term use.


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Introducing the Slegers Fibreglass Duct Rod range


Our rods are made from high quality fibreglass strands, coated with a tough yellow Polypropylene (PP) to give a unique combination of strength and durability, of which allows for greater wear resistance [read more].
The fibreglass core gives power & pushing stability whereas the PP coating reduces friction to a minimum. As an added feature, all diameters have a central copper trace wire, making it ideal for all locating type applications, and can also be used as part of a CCTV pipe/conduit or cleaning system.[read less].

Cobra Snake: Continous Fibreglass Duct Rod

Introducing the New Slegers Tuff Line Polypropylene 3mm & 6mm Ropes


Our ropes are Australian made and manufactured to the highest standard and are recognised as specified products under the Telstra Rope contract. [read more].
Slegers new 6mm Polypropylene Tuff Line (Telstra Rope) is a high strength three (3) strand rope, made up of one (1) Blue strand & two (2) yellow strands, is UV stabilized, resistant to rot & mildew, tangle free use with no wastage, and is easy to handle.[read less].


Introducing the Slegers Temporary Power Site Board Range


Our range of Temporary Power Site Boards have been designed with site safety first in mind[read more]., to provide a solution for temporary power supply/distribution to construction projects, demolition sites, major events, or where a power source is required for most short term projects.[read less].


Introducing the RCD Polarity & Socket Outlet Tester


This versatile tester checks most types of power outlet sockets for correct wiring and trip levels for RCDs (Residual Current Devices). [read more].
Quick and easy to use, wiring checks are indicated by a combination of lights on the front panel which provides a concise reading from the point being tested. [read less].

RCD Polarity and Socket Outlet Tester

QF18 Miniature Circuit Breaker & QF10 RCBO


The QF range of MCB’s and RCBO’s are for use against overload, short circuit and residual current (QF10 only) protection in residential, commercial, industrial and mining applications.
qf18 Miniature Circuit Breaker/QF10 RCBO

Extra protection - at what cost?


CBI’s new generation Hydraulic Magnetic RCBO Range is used in a variety of circuit protection applications, combining overload, short circuit, & residual current protection in one compact energy efficient unit.[read more].
Designed to withstand the Harsh Australian environment, this product is tried & tested in applications such as remote mining sites, Australian Antarctic, CBD Commercial sites & used as a safety device in most medical applications.[read less].

SF1EL RCBO thumbnail