CBI Electric: Australia

Our Quality

CBI Electric & Safety

AT CBI Electric we design & supply all of our products with safety for equipment and the general population is of major importance.

CBI Electric's range of Low Voltage fast acting circuit protection equipment guards against faults & protects your hard earned investments.

More demanding legislation & public scrutiny is increasing for operators to demonstrate the safety of their operations. CBI Electric offers a large variety of quality products that meet and exceed all relevant international standards.

In line with the Zero Accident Philosophy, CBI Electric provides products & solutions to help ensure that most electrical related accidents, incidents & injuries are preventable.


CBI Electric South Africa is able to rapidly design, develop and test customised prototype products. This ability, combined with the growing need to meet various international standards, has left to CBI Electric South Africa establishing a world class testing and research laboratory.

Our testing facilities are the only private testing facility in the Southern Hemisphere, comprises of a control room, with two 10kA and one 65kA fully computerised test bay. Circuit Breakers up to 65kA can be tested against local and international standards for overload, endurance and vibration, thereby reducing the time required to develop a product from inception to completion.

Quality Management

Quality & safety are high priorities within the business structure of CBI-electric: Australia.

Our project processes are clearly defined, always adhered to and constantly revisited to ensure that our high quality standards are met time and again.

Our philosophy at CBI Electric has remained unchanged for decades, that being Quality, Service, Delivery. A big part of ensuring that we deliver the highest standards possible is our long standing accreditation to AS/NZS ISO9001:2000.