CBI Electric: Australia

Separate RCD Relay



  • For RCD protected zones on standard SFM busbar chassis systems within switchboards. Can also be separately mounted. Requires wiring of C.B. shunt trip and RCD relay between neutral and one phase (load side of C.B.) 3ph. and N conductors must pass through toroid of relay
  • Active to neutral (240V) operation only


  • AS/NZS 3190 approval
  • RCD relay can be mounted at end of standard SFM busbar chassis – shares common escutcheon cut out size
  • SFM4 breaker with integral shunt trip has non-auto pole as standard Allows for switching of neutral or cut-off switch for shunt trip if required
  • SFM3 non-auto breakers do not require additional pole for shunt trip
  • Recommended for use in conjunction with the following circuit breakers - SFM3-G102G0-63
    - SFM3-G102G0-80
    - SFM3-G102G0-100
    - SFM4-G103G3-63-2
    - SFM4-G103G3-80-2
    - SFM4-G103G3-100-2
    Other Amp ratings and curves can be used