CBI Electric: Australia

SM36A - SM36C


  • Provides 100mA, 250mA & 500mA residual current protection (SM36A) with active and neutral isolation combined with overload and short circuit protection. Will operate with either two phases or any one phase and neutral present


  • SM36A approved to AS 3111 and AS/NZS 3190 (Approval number N15215)
  • SM36C approved to AS/NZS 3190 (Approval number N15216)
  • Switches all Active and Neutral Poles
  • Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker : Overcurrent trip point unaffected by ambient temperature
  • Immune to pulsating DC
  • Unit supplied with 3 adaptor plates for clip tray mounting, pole filler and active link for busbar connection
  • 130mm (5 Pole) width