CBI Electric: Australia

Slipry Loob Cable Pulling Lubricant


  • Used to assist in the laying and pulling of cable into conduits under floors, under ground, etc
  • Suitable for most cable insulation and conduits
  • Used widely in electrical, telecommunications, industrial & electrical supply industries
  • Effective for the placement of large cable and long difficult pulls


  • Slides on smoothly & clings throughout the pull
  • Easy to handle & apply
  • Compatible with a wide range of cable types
  • Non staining – non toxic
  • Excellent lubricity & clingability
  • Max tension reduction in all types of cable pulling
  • Retains lubricity for months after use
  • Effective for long pulls with multiple bends
  • Pack size: 1 litre, 4 litre & 20 litre containers